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Blog Related Domain Names: Will they Sell or Smell?

Blog Related Domain Names: Will they Sell or Smell?

Today, we welcome a guest post by Dennis Smith of Doughmains, home of great blogging domains. We previously mentioned Dennis’s site back on April 24th.

Are you still shocked when you hear the latest statistics associated with the growth of internet-use, online social communities, blogs, and domain-names?

I was presenting a ‘€œBlogging 101’€? overview to a roomful of recruiters yesterday at the DFW Texas Recruiter’€™s Network luncheon, and the room was filled with raised eyebrows as we discussed the numbers:

Blogs ‘€“ according to Technorati’€™s latest reports:

  • 75,000 + blogs created daily
  • Currently tracking 34.5 million weblogs and doubling about every 6 months
  • 1.2 million posts per day (about 50,000 posts per hour).

Now, add in the mind-numbing stats swirling around MySpace:

  • largest online social networking portal on the web, touting 61+ million registered users with 21+ million unique visitors.

Next, throw in the crazy stats on domains:

  • hovering somewhere around 70 million.

These facts barely make the blogging-obsessed flinch; different story for those 100 or so ‘€œblog-free’€? folks attending the presentation. When I asked for a total count of those who actually have a blog, only 4 hands raised. Four out of 100.

I then realized that 96 of the 100 attendees were all thinking the same thing:

‘€œWho is this freak?!’€?

Well, this freak has been diggin’€™ blogs for almost 2 years now. By day, I’€™m a recruiting manager for a wireless company and chief Talent Blogger. I have a blast posting about job-related topics and reaching out to the community of job-seekers, as well as the 2 or 3 people in the world that have wireless phones permanently attached to their faces.

By night, I’€™m Doughmain-Blogger. Yep, I’€™m one of those nutjobs that believes there are only two kinds of people in the world: those that are blogging, and those that will be.

As such, I decided to register a few (ok, about a hundred or so) blog-related domain names. My blogging-buddies think I’€™m crazy ‘€“ and I am. I’€™m just crazy enough to believe that one day, a few domain names that also have the words blog, blogger, and blogging attached, will have some kind of value (notice, I said a ‘€œfew’€?). AOL’€™s recent launch of certainly added a bit of fuel to my blogging-fire.

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Have I sold any blog-domains yet? Yes – three sales closed and two sales pending. The proceeds will most likely be enough to pay for a weekend trip to Six Flags for the fam (no complaints here).

Will I be retiring any time soon? Of course not. But I can tell you this; this blogging freak is having fun.

So, what’€™s your opinion on blog-related domain names?

Will they sell, or smell?

Dennis Smith
Blogger of Talent and Doughmains.

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  • I keep seeing projects on for bids to clone MySpace for $300. Web entrepreneurs have no clue as to what it costs to develop and scale such a web application. I should bid a few million dollars with a few years estimated for the time.

  • Some say the exact opposite and argue that the term ‘blog’ will become obsolete and we’ll be using the term ‘social publishing’ instead.

    Personally, for the sake of my blog, I hope not. But I can see their point.

  • Stephen – good point. But ‘social publishing’ is just so long and hard to say :). Of course, I “would” think that the term blog is going to be around awhile (since I have so many domain names). They (the experts) might call it ‘social publishing,’ but I think meaningful blog-related domain names will most likely keep their value – regardless of the terms attached.

    I’ve had a lot of bid activity around the domain For obvious reasons, there’s a few people interested. I’m just not willing to give it for a few hundred dollars (at least not yet).

  • Not to rain on your parade, but I think it will fade. More folks are getting regular domain names for their blogs, names that do not include the word “blog”.

    If they are hooked up with blog directories, Technorati, et al, folks specifically looking for “blog” will find them, plus anyone familiar with keywords is going to put “blog” (or some variant) in there for the search engines.

    But I could be way wrong – LOL

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