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Blog spammers using Google News feeds

Blog spammers using Google News feeds

We’ve always presumed that blog spammers stealing content and posting them to their sites were using RSS feeds to do so, but they aren’t, because they’ve also found a way of stealing content from Google News feeds as well.

No link from me, but check out which is a blog used as a demonstration for a service called RSS to Blog: notice something strange with all the links they’ve got to the Blog Herald? that’s right they are nearly all old ones which have been popping up in Google News lately as this site has been reindexed (or whatever it is they are doing). Ive checked my RSS feeds, and they aren’t coming from their, and the other content is the same stuff I read on Google News every day. RSS to Blog?? try Google News via scraper to blog :-)

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  • I actually wrote a tray application for windows in .NET that will get google news for a set of keywords, extract and parse the interesting info, go to the site’s url to parse more, and then post with xmlrpc a blog post on the blog of your choice. It would be perfect for something like this, but I never released or perfected it since it seems so unethical…

  • I had a fellow Realtor steaking my content using Feedster and putting links to her website at the bottom of my posts that she was syndicating to her blog. I told my local Realtor organization about it, but said I didn’t want to file a complaint. I instead asked them if I can teach a course about properly using a blog to market your real estate business. We’re talking about it now. People use my PRWeb news releases I issue in their spam sites all the time. I wish I could control that, but I can’t, since PRWeb owns it. I have not yet checked the Google News angle, but I will now that I know about it. Thanks for the head’s up!

  • It’s not too hard to scrape Google news, and for a lot less than rss2blog costs. I’m not going to publish how, because, well, it ain’t generally a good thing to do. What bothers me is these people don’t actually think they’re spamming the engines, they’re desperate to “make money on the internet”. Of course, the original Green Card Lawyers thought they were performing a service, too….

    Theft is theft, but in an era of Halliburton and Enron it’s hard to get that idea across.

  • is google protecting spammers using google ads?
    I received hundreds of spam comments to sites using Google Ads (Google AdSense and Google AdWords). If you have the same problems, please post your examples on my fighting against spam blog: the spam link, the main site of spammer using google ads and place of spam on your group, blog, guest book…
    Thank you

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