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Blog thief still doesn’t get it

Blog thief still doesn’t get it

The story of Vince Chan here. He still doesn’t get it. The Internet Vigilante Mob (no follow used) is what he calls the blog swarm that forced him to stop using the stolen Problogger template, and he still tries to defend his original position. Anyone live in Scarborough, Ontario who might like to relate our anger in person? Maybe you know the guy and can talk some common sense into him…he certainly needs a friendly face to explain the cold, hard truth of what he has done.

As I’ve written in his comments: Blog Swarm 1 vs Vince Chan 0.

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  • It’s one thing to convince people to comment on his blog, email him or write on their own blogs about his stupid behaviour, but quite another to post a link to his address and then propose that we ‘talk some common sense into him’. This is irresponsible, unprofessional behaviour, however you might like to phrase it.

  • I disagree. If your dumb enough to put your address on the net, and then steal something. Your dumb enough to have a friend of a friend knock on your door to talk to him. It’s not Duncan’s out asking people to throw rocks through his blog.

  • He’s just lucky it was a nice person he stole from. If it had of been my design, Scarborough would have been a trip I would have been willing to make.

  • Duncan – as you know, there are a lot of people who read your blog. Are you seriously suggesting that someone go round to this guy’s place for a ‘friendly chat’. I know you don’t realise it, but for fuck’s sake, you’re in a position of responsibility here.

    Saying shit like that is just plain nuts. Because, y’know, someone might just actually follow you up on your suggestion.

    Like Jeff up there, for example.

    Shit man… this is good advice: just think before you start tapping that keyboard, dude.

  • You’re a fool. It’s a freakin template. The guy has 3 subscribers. Go put another shrimp on the barbee.

  • As we say in the UK. ‘It’s a bit of a storm in a teacup really’. I’m surprised anyone would want to physically attack anyone over a css stylesheet. It is only the internet after all.

    I can understand why people are objecting because it was a blatant copy, but there are blogs out there which just take rss feeds from other blogs and publish it in full, which is a whole lot worse. That cowboy fellow takes too many of those horse steroids I reckon.

    Problogger is due for a change anyway. Its looking a bit outdated nowadays. I would say the logo, the name and the content are whats important, not so much the design, unless the design IS the content a la Apple. I don’t think this is the case with problogger.


  • Hi everyone,

    I’m just making the rounds to find out about the comments / discussions surrounding the subject.

    No, I won’t take advantage of BlogHerald to link to any of my sites.

    Just wanted to say, anyone who wants to go out for a coffee, a drink and let’s talk and discuss. I don’t intent on getting into a face-to-face shouting match or physical contfrontation, but over a cup of Tim’s. We can talk about anything you like.

    If you want to do it in an interview format, fine! Again, I’m not running away from anything. I don’t feel the need to live in a fear because of this. And if anything unpleasant does happen, those situations will be a reflection of itself.

    Again, thanks for the concerns expressed in this thread!

  • I honestly wonder how many people who rant and scream about various copyright laws, ‘evil’ companies that try to block file sharing, etc. etc. suddenly get up in arms when something of theirs is ‘stolen’. It’s like saying, “I want everyone to share everything that they spend their time and effort to create. Except me. I want to keep my stuff for myself.”

    I’m not saying that I agree with much of the stuff going on with RIAA, the govt. and so on, but if on the one hand you’re downloading music for free with bit torrent or campaigning for open-source everything and then you turn around to blast someone for using someone else’s template, it would be worthwhile looking at the inconsistency.

    I think it’s mostly an issue of people having different ideas of what ownership is and what it should be. My personal opinion is that if someone creates something, it is theirs, and unless you have explicit permission to use it as you wish, it wouldn’t be ethical to do so, but with so many people with different ideas about such things, it seems we need to protect the stuff we want to keep for our own…

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