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BlogAds down in August

BlogAds down in August

The BlogAds advertising network has reported a down turn in business for the month of August.

The following note has been sent to BlogAds advertisers with their August payments.

As expected, August was slow but it looks like we’re on a good trajectory for the fall (Northern Autumn). I’d suggest pushing your prices higher if you are below 50 cents per thousand impressions right now.

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Editors note: its hard to track but I’m seeing a lot less ads on the service now then July, but kudos to BlogAds for admitting to slow month, transparency, honesty…great stuff.

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  • Maybe they should make it easier for advertisers to use their service :-) I tried about 6 months ago and never heard back. Now, I checked again and you have to be sponsored. Sent in the request to get a sponsor so hopefully we’ll hear back from them this time…

  • Following up on my comment above: I was contacted shortly after requesting a sponsor and have been able to create an account. So, it looks like the sponsor system is better than the old one.

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