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BlogAds: Is There Life after Nov. 2?

BlogAds: Is There Life after Nov. 2?

Sarah Lacy at Businessweek looks at the success of blog advertising in the lead up to the election and its future now the election is over. Of particular interest is the reference to the Daily Kos making $20,000 a month in advertising.
Businessweek> “…can the blog business survive without a Presidential election and gaffes by mainstream media firing up the Internet masses? Skeptics wonder, particularly since some blog sites damaged their credibility when they jumped the gun and erroneously predicted Senator John Kerry would win the election…” read full article>

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  • Businessweek says that some blogs “damaged their credibiility” by predicting Kerry would win the election? Why doesn’t the same logic apply to all the news networks who claimed Gore won Florida back in 2000?

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