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Blogger interrogated, strip searched, banned from United States

Blogger interrogated, strip searched, banned from United States

Duncan Riley> Jeremy Wright of, famed for many things including selling his blog for profit, auctioning his services on ebay and for being an all round good guy, has been detained, strip searched, and banned from the United States after attempting to legally cross the Canadian-United States border on a trip to New York to meet with uber-publishers McGraw Hill, who were set to sign him as a consultant to the company on blogging.

Whilst posts to his site (since removed for legal reasons) are not clear on all the circumstances of the detention, Wright writes that US Immigration officials accused him of lying as they did not believe that he could be employed by blogging, with one official allegedly stating “you couldn’t be doing this blogging thing for a living”.

As a blogger of good repute, an established family man with a bright future in blogging and promoting the blogosphere internationally, Wright’s treatment by US Immigration Officials is a complete disgrace. Whilst all the facts of the matter are not yet totally clear, none the less anecdotally a career may have been ruined by the actions of a couple of two-bit hick guards who probably only use the internet to access porn.

Whilst I’d hope that the incident is isolated, I’d encourage all readers who know of Jeremy and find these actions outrageous to express their support of Jeremy by writing to the US Department of Homeland Security at “U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Washington, D.C. 20528” or send feedback through their website here. Alternatively bloggers outside the US may wish to write to their local US Embassies.

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Our thoughts are with Jeremy and his family at this time.

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