Blogger named a fad by CNet

Interesting that CNet has named Google’s Blogger in its list of Top 10 web fads. Are they saying something we don’t know, or has others suspicions of an anti-blog bent by some at CNet being reflected here?

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  • Blogging is here to stay. CNet’s just mad because it got caught stealing pictures and other content from a blogs. Weblogs, Inc. should buy them out and straighten them out.


  • CNET offers web space to bloggers, putting it in competition with Blogger. The point may have merit but the source is a little tainted.

    Furthermore, unlike CNET, Blogger is integrated into a virtual suite of support systems: a readymade ad network (run by Google); a free mail system (GMAIL) that renders Blogger HTML perfectly when posts are “mailed in” to be published; a Google “blog this” feature; and a readymade feed system (which unfortunately is off-standard).

    I’d say that much convergence is fad proof.

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