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Blogger now offers free image uploads

Blogger now offers free image uploads

Google’s Blogger has announced that they are now offering users free image uploads.

Biz Stone writes that they don’t have to involve pictures of cats as well.

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  • I love it. Although I’ve actually only uploaded one image, and that was to test. But hey, I wasn’t ready for it.

    Please notice that Biz Stone said they accept non-cat photos *as well*. I’m pretty sure you have to submit a minimum percentage of cat photos or your image privileges can be revoked. :)

  • I wonder if this is why they’ve started adding DIVs to everyones posts ( breaking some layouts quite badly). Naughty Blogger!

  • I love it! It has made things so much easier and neater. Its about time they did something like this.
    And it is really easy to use.
    Looking forward to more innovations

  • Looks good so far, very easy to use, easy to work with. It’s about time, too. I agree with Kim – now if only there were categories I wouldn’t ever consider going over to a paid service.

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