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How Bloggers Can Thrive as Article Writers in 2021

How Bloggers Can Thrive as Article Writers in 2021

By now, chances are you have a good grasp on the pros and cons of blogging. On the plus side, you have total creative freedom over the content you create. You can write about subjects you’re passionate about and connect with other like-minded people. As such, it can act as a major source of personal inspiration and motivation. On other hand, there are some drawbacks, namely when it comes to monetizing your blog. This includes affiliate marketing, sponsored, posts, and premium content.

Another way to make money is to write articles for other brands by offering your knack for the keyboard for article writing services and content providers. Content services and content agencies are companies that help connect writers with paying companies for various writing jobs. According to Brafton, a leader in content marketing, many brands hire third party agencies to find writers that can pinpoint their voice without having to spend time and money searching for individual writers themselves.

But with so many article writing services and agencies to choose from, competing in a saturated writer’s market can be difficult. With that in mind, here’s how you can thrive as an article writer this year:

Take Time Creating Your Profile

Many content services allow bloggers to create profiles that outline their expertise. Although you might be eager to get started, take the time to create a profile that really accentuates what you have to offer. Include previous content that you’ve written and samples of blog posts of content writing that you’ve completed in the past.

If you have a niche, be sure that your niche is clearly demonstrated in your profile. Even if you don’t have a niche category of writing, you might have a niche for the type of writing you produce. For example, you might specialize in long-form blog posts or landing page content. Either way, show your strengths and highlight your core offering. 

Find the Right Work Structure

Different article writing services offer different freelancer structures, and it’s important for you to review each and learn more about how that structure will fit into your work style. For example, many writers don’t want to write for a content mill, as several platforms are regarded as. Websites like TextBroker and CrowdContent offer just a few cents per word, which means new writers are typically paid around $5 for an 800-word post. In this case, you’d need to write many posts to ever make it a lucrative venture.

On other platforms, like Upwork and Scripted, you can set your own price and bid on jobs. But again, some writers don’t want to bid on jobs or lower their price point in order to compete with other bidders. Another option to apply as a content writer to an article writing or content marketing agency. This way, you’re still able to write articles or other content pieces on an as-needed basis, but will benefit from higher project payments or a consistent salary.

Either way, every service is set up differently and has different payment structures. Take out a notebook, compare each of those structures, and list the pros and cons of writing for your top choices.

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Analyze Writer Reviews

Who better to gauge the effectiveness of an article and content writing platform than writers who write for them? Many of these services have plenty of online reviews, and you can compare and contrast different platforms by sorting through them.

Although many reviews are critical in nature, you can learn plenty by reading as many reviews as you can and learning how to sift through several different options to come up with your own conclusion. For example, one reviewer on TrustPilot said this of CrowdContent: “Continually unresponsive and uncaring attitude to its writers. They don’t treat you as human.” If you see several reviews that fall in the same vein, take note.

Read Platform Blog

Every platform you consider should have their own blog. You should take the time to read your service’s blog to learn more about how you can be most successful on that particular platform. For example, Upwork, a freelancer platform, has a blog that helps article writers and other freelancers create stellar profiles and find successful gigs. You’ll find titles like “How to Become a Freelancer in 2021.” Some blogs will also highlight successful authors and you can learn more about what it takes to make money on the platform of your choosing.

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