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Bloggers Can Write in Chunks With Paragraphr

Bloggers Can Write in Chunks With Paragraphr

Every blogger writes differently. We’re not talking stylistically, or from a copyedit standpoint. I mean the actual method they use to write. Some will choose to go freeform, writing everything that comes to mind. Others, will have a more regimented approach.

The route I usually take (for longer posts) is a puzzle approach. I’ll write sentences, then shift them around into paragraphs, eventually re-ordering things and filling in the gaps.

If you’re a prolific blogger who is looking for something between a blog and a novel, Paragraphr is for you. Currently in alpha, the Website let’s you write and critique people’s written works, one paragraph at a time.

In-progress work is fair game, so writer’s must have their thickest skin ready.

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You can try the site as a guest before you register. Just use “[email protected]” as your e-mail and “guest” as your password.

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