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Bloggers get poll blame

Bloggers get poll blame

The repercussions of the decision of a number of high profile left leaning blogs to publish exit-poll data has begun with negative stories on, CBS Marketwatch and CNN Money. Whilst there is little dispute that the early exit-poll results were an inaccurate reflection of voting intentions, the real issue should still be the conspiracy of big media to hold the results back. No matter what side of politics you are on, the ability to be able to publish the figures further highlights the advantage blogging has, and how the sector has become the new champions in the battle for free speech.

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  • Attacking bloggers for this is just scapegoating. I was volunteering at a polling place, with no access to any computer, let alone the internet. I got the exsit poll numbers from some political professionals sent to Ohio by a Union in Washington D.C. They believed the numbers. According to news reports, both campaigns intially belived the numbers.

    The exit poll numbers were just wrong, but the blogging world was no more credulous than the professionals.

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