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Bloggers, Here’s What to Look for in Business Card Templates

Bloggers, Here’s What to Look for in Business Card Templates

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Business cards are old-fashioned, but they remain relevant in an increasingly digital world. Business cards are a tactile reminder of your introduction to another person or a connection to the firm in the hands of a potential customer.

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This is why every business person – including bloggers – should have business cards. Fortunately, templates make it easier to create business cards for every member of your team. But what should you look for in business card templates

Ease of Use 

Ease of use should be near the top of any software or website user’s list. After all, you’re going to be using the business card creator regularly. Business cards should be created for each member of your team. Furthermore, they should be updated every time someone’s name, phone number, job title or assigned location changes. 

Accurate Presentation 

An accurate presentation is when the business card creation tool accurately converts the image on your screen and file you save into what you think it should look like. It puts text and images where you expected them, and the font and graphics are the correct size. Some templates have rough placements but could cut off the edge of your logo or put text higher than you expected. The end result is a less than ideal business card. Worst case scenario, the business card looks like an amateur unconcerned about quality tried to print business cards. This gives prospects a bad impression. 

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

For example, you might include a pound sign for an extension or quotation marks around someone’s nickname. And depending on the data formats used in the business cards, it may convert those symbols to gibberish. You don’t know there is a problem until you get 500 business cards with strange characters in place of the symbol you intended. 

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Data Formats 

Business form templates may let you create a business card and send it to your printer immediately, while others are owned by print shops that will print the business cards on their printers. However, the ideal business card creation tool allows you to save the business card so that you can print it whenever and wherever you like. More importantly, it needs to save the business card file in a format you can use. There’s no point creating a beautiful business card that gets saved to a file format you can’t open later, forcing you to recreate it. A few services may force you to pay to save the file unless you want to save it on their server. In these cases, you can save it but only with them, and you’ll only be able to print duplicate business cards with them. 

Bad Layout 

It is your fault if you make the business card too cluttered. Yet some templates seem to want to guarantee such an outcome. They may make the logo or imported image so large by default that it dominates the business card, failing to leave enough space for text. Others have many fields for every piece of information you may want to include, including social media links that aren’t relevant. Now your critical information is crowded out by unimportant information.

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