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Bloggers making German newspaper online

Bloggers making German newspaper online

Jeff Jarvis has a column in The Guardian that he reposted on his blog about Readers-Edition. It’€™s a reader contributed German newspaper online, moderated by an editor and closely linked to its father, online only Netzeitung. Apparently it does it job superbly, showing the traditional journos over at Netzeitung a thing or two about bloggers and their workflow.

Yes, it’€™s alike to Korean OhmyNews, which ‘€“ unlike Readers-Edition ‘€“ also is available in English.

Anyway, Jarvis asks a few interesting questions about why this isn’€™t done more frequently. A larger city could have a reader contributed newspaper online and really put the knife to traditional print papers since readers are where it happens. There are media companies that wants to buy your photos since they can’€™t have photographers everywhere, and today’€™s mobile phone cameras can actually cut it online.

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Interesting thoughts. The news flow is changing, that’€™s nothing new, and lots of stiff traditional media companies are going to have a hard time surviving unless they reorganize to battle start-ups.

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  • The ‘Readers-Edition’ … apparently ‘it does it job superbly’

    In Jeff’s article this distinction ‘a grand experiment in the future of news’ is given to Netzeitung (since 2000) not to the Readers-Edition. About the later he just tells about the ‘master plan’ behind, which in my opinion is poorly planned and executed …

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