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Bloggers not making money: survey

Bloggers not making money: survey

Qumana have released a blog earnings survey which has found, unsuprisingly I’d note, that most bloggers make very little from their blogs.

According to the results, 69% of bloggers are making less than $20 a month from their blog. More details here.

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  • It is obviously not easy to consistently create high quality content (and I believe that’s a good thing :) ).

  • It’s definitely VERY VERY hard. I like to think that I write rather good entries. I’m also extremely active within the blogosphere when it comes to adding (hopefully insightful) comments to other people’s weblogs. I donate to the blogosphere by writing plugins for WordPress and Pivot. Yet I’m struggling to get more than 500 unique visitors a day which is a pathetic amount after a year of serious blogging.

    How to get more traffic? I have no idea…

  • The problem with getting more traffic is that it’s getting harder and harder every day. A massive amount of new blogs are being created on a daily basis which will result into less possible visitors for your specific blog. After all, you can’t visit them all.

    You’ll end up growing slowly and if lucky with a steady community which keeps returning, otherwise stick on a somewhat steady rate.

    In the end though I personally don’t see making money as a primary reason for blogging. But that will most likeley depend on the size of the blog, mine is pretty new and doesn’t cost me anything so I wouldn’t have to make anything out of it to please myself. Yet if you would invest a lot in your blog you might want to see something in return to keep it up and running.

  • I agree that its very hard moreover for a new blogger like me who just start to serious blogging and earn money.

    New blog which still dont have any rating will find its very hard to get traffic to the site. Competative with new blog is not a big problem i think because if you got your uniqueness, you will conquer the traffic anyway..

    am i right?

  • I personally does not have a blog. But i love reading a blog. Sad to say in observations (only personal opinion), blog who has more traffic (loyal readers) is the one who like to troll. But again… not necessary it will generate some income.

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