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Bloggers wanted in Zanesville

Bloggers wanted in Zanesville

The Zanesville Times Rcorder is looking for local bloggers. I’m guessing that because its part of the Central Ohio network that Zanesville is in Central Ohio, but I’m sure if you’re in Zanesville you’ll know where you are…..g’day by the way to all the people in Zanesville :-)

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  • Good Morning from New York — yes, Zanesville is in Central Ohio, maybe Southeastern Ohio, or Southern Ohio, take your pick. I’ve driven through the “City of Churches” several times. Pretty area and friendly people. Don’t know much else about the place, sorry to say, but they already know all about themselves, as you suggested. Hey, just found your site (over there? in here?), so greetings to you! My own blogspot is new (go easy on me, I’m old) and is a spicy (some might say horrific) blend of art and commerce, with an attempt at eclecticism. Don’t really understand blogging, so simply do what I like and that includes lots of pictures! Viewers/readers can linger or not as they see fit. I think that’s the idea, anyway. Enough for now, thanks for your site. I’ll return for more news often!

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