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Blogging Blogher

Ive purposely not said a lot about the BlogHer conference, firstly because no one actually bothered asking me to and secondly because I didn’t want to get into trouble for saying things I shouldn’t. However if you are looking for coverage Arienna has the good stuff. Heather Armstrong, who Ive got to say is one of the most sensible, strong minded female uber-bloggers on the planet speaks sense, and yet uber-snob Halley Suitt sort of ruins the balance a bit: I mean, can you really accept advice from someone who thinks she is so much better than everyone else, and who has a track record of promoting exclusion within the male dominated A-List, about breaking through the A-List glass ceiling? My advice: whether you female, male, black, white, gay, straight whatever: understanding Long Tail theory is much better than sucking up to the A-List.

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  • The BlogHer Conference ‘05 is today, at Techmart in Santa Clara.
    “This flagship event is…

  • Your point about the Long Tail is a good one. I’ve also found that women respond more positively to Long Tail ideas than many men who are often attracted to the sheer power and glamour of MSM and “the scene”.

  • Maybe I’m being pre-caffeinatedly dense this morning. I followed the links in this post and even did a google. I can figure out this is a convention for women who blog but there doesn’t seem to be any mission statement about the organization or what the conventiion is really about. Oh, there’s schedules and lists of live bloggers, BUT as a “her” who blogs they completely lost me. I doubt I’ll go back because there’s no clear explanation to what they’re about. With the number of bloggers involved, you’d think one of them would know how to set things up to be informative for visitors.

    OK I’m off to find some Diet Coke and maybe some breakfast.

  • Well, it’s a blog, so the content has naturally moved from mission/goals etc to logistics and reactions.

    However we did keep as the very first link in the upper left side bar: Start Here: Announcing BlogHer:

    Which states our goals and has a link to a more focused Mission Statement.

    Where else would you put it, other than the upper left corner to get attention? I’ve always thought that was where eyes (at least when reading languages that go from left to right) start on web pages. Where would you move that to make it more prominent?


  • My problem I suppose is that when I clicked on “start here” I got a schedule of the con rather than anything explaining what it was really about.

    I do see that isn’t the case now, though I had tried going to the site several times before posting my original comment. Perhaps there was just too much traffic. So I apologize for my frustration.

    I guess then my question becomes, is this just about a one day event or is it going to be an ongoing online community? The website itself seems to be more about a one day event than anything else.

  • Well, I guess we weren’t going to really know that until we saw how people responded and how it went. This was just a side thing we decided would be fun to do, and it turned into something much bigger than we initially iamgined. I think we (meaning Lisa, Jory and I) are all committed now to making it an ongoing thing.

    We have the BlogHerRoll.
    We’re encouraging and collecting “personal to-dos” from participants while we work on building a more bigger-picture to do list for the BlogHer community.
    We would like to find the right platform for an ongoing online community.

    For now, we’re using the blog.

  • OK Now I’m understanding a bit more. ;) I do appologize for my grouchiness. Call it post-car-accident-unintended lashing-out coupled with caffeine withdrawal. ;)

    I’ll try to drop by the site now and then and see how y’all are doing and where y’all are going. I’ll be curious to see what grows out of this.

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