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Bloggy Network launches 2 new American Football blogs

Bloggy Network launches 2 new American Football blogs

Jacob Gower’s Bloggy Network has launched two new blogs, bFootball and bSECFootball.

The two new blogs mark the first entry into sports blogs by the growing network.

According to Gower:
“[the bFootball] blog is dedicated to everything NFL. I do happen to be a Titans fan, but I will be writing as unbiased as possible(not that I could possibly be biased towards the Titans this year anyway). I’€™ll write on news around the league, but I’€™m hoping to produce mostly original content on my thoughts and opinions….The bSECFootball. Why the SEC? I figured it would be kind of hard to cover all 117 division teams. The SEC is comprised of just 12 teams, so this will be a little easier to manage.”

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  • Even though gridiron is not up my alley, sports is (I’m an Aussie for Gods sake!!!) – and I think “professional” sports blogs are soon to take off in a big way- as you see professional is in quotes because there are a million and one sports fan blogs going around. I think the time has come where professional bloggers will harness the love of sports and turn it into good revenue via blogging.

    In my case, I’m an Aussie Rules lover (AFL … go Pies!) – so maybe that domain that I bought 2 years ago and is sitting dormat might be of use one day when I get of my arse …. that domain:

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