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BlogHerald Update: Upgrading Our Spam Killing Powers

BlogHerald Update: Upgrading Our Spam Killing Powers

Hi folks,

Just wanted to let you all know that we have installed Bad Behaviour 2 to enhance the BlogHerald’s comment and trackback spam killing powers. The BlogHerald gets a lot of spam, and most of it is caught by Akismet and Spam Karma 2 — but these two agents together aren’t perfect.

We are loathe to get in the way of a perfectly good conversation, so we are not installing (nor hopefully ever) captcha’s, human testing elements, closing down old comments, or any combination of the above at the moment.

But if you happen to notice your comments now being flagged as spam — or, your comments mysteriously disappearing, its only because the BlogHerald’s spam killing powers have increased, and may flag a few comments that are genuinely not spam.

In that case, please email us at editor [at] blogherald [dot] com and let us know that something is amiss and we’ll try and remedy it pronto.

Alternatively, if you happen to notice a comment that is clearly spam comment spam / trackback spam before *we* do, we’d love to know about it as well; again, please use the same email address to let us know.

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Thanks again,

Tony Hung, ed.

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