Bloglines plumber appears again!

Duncan Riley> a short post but a goodie: a bit quiet here at the Blog Herald today, why: two words: the Bloglines Plumber. Bloglines is down again and the plumber is being displayed, and I’ve got to add this is the third time in a week I’ve seen it, its driving me batty and it might be time to start looking at a new RSS aggregation service. Am I alone in this growing frustration with Bloglines? Who provides a similar service to Bloglines you could recommend? share your comments below.

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  • Im starting to get mad at bloglines. I may just go and spend some money and buy a desktop aggregator like feeddemon

  • Bloglines have justed posted this:
    That Darn Plumber!

    You may have noticed the Bloglines Plumber appearing unexpectedly recently, generally in the evenings. That’s the web page that we put up when we need to take the Bloglines site down. We try to avoid downtime whenever possible, and when it’s necessary, we post advance notice here on the Bloglines blog. Unfortunately, we’ve recently been experiencing a corruption issue with several of our databases. When that happens, we need to take the site down and fix the database in question. No data is lost, but it does require downtime to fix, which is bad; we’re just as addicted to Bloglines as you are. We’re feverishly working to track down the problem, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Newsgator is pretty fast but it doesn’t seem to be as well organized as Bloglines. Of course, when the plumber’s up, anything is better. Using Newsgator as a backup for critical feeds seems to be the best solution.

  • The plubmer is back again :(

    I’m the Bloglines Plumber. We’ve had a database problem, and we currently expect to be back at 3Am Pacific Time, Friday July 22. Bloglines will be all better when I’m done with it.

    The Bloglines Plumber

    My Blog!

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