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Bloglogic launches new blog: Drywallsecrets

Bloglogic launches new blog: Drywallsecrets

Paul Short of the Bloglogic network has announced a new blog on the growing blog network:

Honestly I had to read about what this one was about because ask me what “dry wall” was about my first response would be probably about combating rising damp. Paul writes its about sheetrock, gyproc and taping (plastering). Translation: its got something to do about building :-)

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  • Hi Duncan. One of the reasons I didn’t add that site to the network before is because of the tightly focused niche it covers. Another is the fact that people from outside North America may not use the techniques or materials covered when they build or renovate, or even understand the terminology ;-)

    Anyway, I just posted a quick explaination of what drywall is if you or your readers are interested. BTW, what do they call this down in Oz?

  • We call it plasterboard but given the most popular brand by a mile is Gyprock plasterboard, it’s sometimes just called Gyprock. Yeah we tape and fill with joining cement etc etc
    Most of our houses are brick – well in most parts of Oz anyway. Strangely enough, houses which have brick exterior walls and pasterboard interior walls (most common since about the 1960s) are often called brick veneer homes.

  • Cool. Thanks, I’ll make a note of that terminology. It’s always good to know how things are done and what the materials and techniques are called in other countries because it varies so much from place to place.

    Most of the homes here in Ontario, Canada have brick exteriors and drywall (plasterboard) on wood framing inside, although lately with all the new building materials on the market that’s starting to change for the newer homes.

  • Dry-stone walling is a traditional method of building boundaries to farms in the North of England. It was also used for building houses with flints in parts of Kent and other flinty countryside. I suspect the Americans took over the techniques from us :-)

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