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Bloglogic Network gets a makeover

Bloglogic Network gets a makeover

Paul Short’s Bloglogic network, which includes blogs such as Turboblogger and SpywareDude has hade a makeover. The new templates introduce a new take on the 3 colum CSS styling across the network that has become the favoured choice of many networks of late.

In something I can sympathize with Paul greatly on, he writes about the problems he’s been having with Internet Explorer’s inability to render CSS to any reasonable standard, something that’s give me more than my fair share of grey hair as well.

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  • Thanks for the mention Duncan. On the CSS and IE thing, I like to code with no ugly CSS hacks and getting it right across browsers is nearly impossible, but so far so good (fingers crossed).

  • we *all* love IE with CSS, don’t we? I swear it took longer fixing templates than any other part of moving 8 blogs to wordpress, including the actual imports.

  • What I usually do to get two divs to stay side by side is make a wrapper or container that’s a certain width, and make sure the widths of the 2 or 3 columns inside it (including padding, margins and borders) equal 6 or 9 pixels less than that wrapper.

    It doesn’t make for a ‘pixel-perfect’ layout so you have to do some massaging to get things to look like they line up but the results usually turn out more than satisfactory for me.

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