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Bloglogic signs first professional blogger.

Bloglogic signs first professional blogger.

Upstart Canadian based blog network Bloglogic has joined the big guys today with the signing of their first paid blogger.

Kevin Humphrey comes on board as chief blogger at, part of the growing Bloglogic network of weblogs.

The means of finding Kevin is a story in itself. At 6:03pm Wednesday, March 30 2005 Paul Short of posted a quick “Metablogger Wanted” ad on the company blog. Less than 2 hours later Kevin Humphrey left a comment stating his interest in the position. Emails were exchanged discussing the position and compensation plan, Kevin’s writing style and informal resume were reviewed and the position was filled.

“Kevin will be paid two thirds of advertising revenue generated at” says Short, who admits that the job won’t lead to instant riches with the comment in the ad relating to compensation that reads: “Hey, maybe you’€™ll be able to afford extra toppings on that pizza!”

Humphrey’s says: ‘€œIn terms of pay, I have no issues there. As a ‘beginner’ pro blogger, I’m more comfortable with a performance-based arrangement for now anyways. To be honest, I’m interested in this opportunity as a means of getting my name out there more quickly as well as gleaning some knowledge off of you along the way.”

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“As with any fairly new weblog, advertising revenue does not roll in right away. The blog’s voice, style, reputation and readership grows over a period of time until respectable profits are earned… I think only farmers and bloggers have the vision to see that you have to sew before you can reap,” Says Paul, “and Kevin clearly has that vision.”

The honesty is refreshing and we wish both Short and Humphrey all the best.

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