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BlogMatrix Releases Sparks! 2.0 for Podcasters

BlogMatrix Releases Sparks! 2.0 for Podcasters

BlogMatrix has lauched a new integrated podcasting/podcatching application – BlogMatrix Sparks! 2.0.

“Sparks! is a one-stop solution that makes podcasting easy and affordable”, says founder David Janes. “It is the easiest way record, share, store and listen to podcasts. Now everybody can podcast.”

BlogMatrix Sparks! allows podcasters to:

– Record podcasts directly on their computer with a microphone and a mouse click
– Mix music with the podcast.
– Record up to 8 tracks for a single podcast.
– Automatically store their podcasts on the BlogMatrix server for others to enjoy

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“Traditionally, potential podcasters have faced a couple of big challenges”, says Janes. “First, recording an audio file, mixing it to an MP3 and encoding into the proper notification formats is complicated and time consuming; secondly, the cost associated with storage and bandwidth are not only high but potentially open-ended. BlogMatrix Sparks! overcomes these challenges.”

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