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Blogpulse poised to become Technorati slayer with new service

Blogpulse poised to become Technorati slayer with new service

Intelliseek’s BlogPulse has launched a range of upgrades to its blog tracking tools that could finally see the emergence of a Technorati slayer in the blogosphere.

The new service, BlogPulse Profiles, delivers Technorati like features including ranking blogs based on citations, and incoming links, in addition to outward citations, recent posts, keywords used on the blog (tags?) and interestingly a list of blogs that have common themes based on what they are linking to, interesting in terms that it delivered a number of interesting blogs I’d not read before but am actually really happy to have discovered.

All this bundled in a clean, easy to use interface compared to Technorati’s current “hello kitty” bubbles and big text.

This is the first time we’ve seen a serious challenge to Technorati based on functionality and usability as opposed to blog tracking alone. BlogPulse profiles can be viewed here.

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The rest of the site as also had an overhaul as well and regular users will enjoy the cleaner interface and style now being delivered. Kudos and congratulations to the team at Intelliseek on a job well done.

Update: apparently the service has crashed at the time of writing (11:00 GMT) due to the demand on it. Marketing Shift has an interesting run down on the features.

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