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Billed as a “multiple-editor weblog broken up into three major political affiliations” Watchblog attempts to go were no blog has gone before, covering 3 streams of US politics in the one blog. Whilst being representative of the new wave of power blogs, those which seek to capture the imagination of the viewer and shape current events, the blog seeks to provide too much to too many.

The blog does however provide a good read for those wanting to learn about the different perspectives on US Politics.

When reviewed article included:A Note to those who cry wolf: a piece on Globalisation, article on Iran and other newsworthy issues, however the format does not allow direct linking to articles.

Design wise the site is a 3 column MT blog with reading content in each column. Having reviewed the site on an 800×600 screen the main page is a little difficult to read, and for those keen on pursuing the content, following through to the individual political stream by clicking on the titles presents a single blog on each topic far easier on the eye.

Design in basic and wont win any design awards (then again neither will the Blog Herald) but is quick to load and functional.

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This blog is in its early days and like all good blogs will take time to mature and develop. The idea of providing much to many will have its fans, but one cant help but think that those seeking serious content on politics will seek out blogs dedicated to that specific area of interest, as opposed to the broader scope of Given that the blog will fill a niche for those looking for a broader scope, and in this endeavour we wish them well.

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  • Thanks for you feedback. I’m still tweaking the design of WatchBlog to cater to the maximum number of audiences. The main page of the site which contains all three blogs (3 columns) does barely fit on an 800×600 screen – it is something I’m aware of and am exploring my layout options.

    The design is also very minimal in graphics to reduce bandwidth costs. The high amount of traffic makes it necessary to deliver a mostly text-only site.

    Permalinks are built in, but they’re not as apparent as one might guess, which is why you missed them. To locate an entry’s permalink, you have to click on the timestamp in the “Posted by…” line of text.

    Note that each of the columns (political party affiliations) also has its own blog home page, so readers can choose to read just one blog, or all three. The choice is theirs to make.

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