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Blogs being advertised on Japanese TV

Blogs being advertised on Japanese TV

Joi Ito writes on the Japanese blog boom.

“There are now television ads about blogs. The other day I heard a radio commercial where they read out the URL, but added that you could post comments and send trackbacks. Yes. Trackbacks. …. It wasn’t even a geek site. I think everyone here is finally jumping on the bandwagon.”

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  • I guess that’s how japanese people treat great ideas. With a lot of exposure. Hope it doesn’t make blogging a fad.

    Anyway, Just bloghopping… have a nice day :)

  • I think that is a really cool development. Japan seems to set the standard in technology. Blogs are really growing on the web, with many earning a very good income. As blogs continue to grow, I believe you will see the same thing on american television.


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