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Blogs Raise Money For Cancer Research

Blogs Raise Money For Cancer Research

Publishers and supporters of blog network Blogpire Productions, have participated in the Pan Mass Challenge (PMC) this past weekend. The PMC is a bike ride to raise money for cancer research and treatment at The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and The Jimmy Fund. To further support the effort, Blogpire is donating all profits of the August 12th weekend to the cause.

‘€œEven though the ride is for fun and to raise money for a great charity, we’€™ve been training all summer,’€? said Scott Manchuso, captain of the Affinnova Fliers team and contributor to the Blogpire Network. ‘€œWe just finished a 55 mile ride, and to date I think we have logged somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 training miles.’€?

Nearly 4,000 cyclists took part in the ride August 6 and 7 and travelled six different routes, riding between 89 and 192 miles over one or two days, through 46 scenic Massachusetts towns.

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  • On March 2003 I ( presently 6, at diagnosis 4.5 )was diagnosed with
    Stage 4 Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma. The 30 months leading up to this
    point we have been followed by Oncologists at Lucille Packard
    Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto California.

    In a nutshell I was given Vincristine/Irinotecan, followed by
    (vincristine, actinomycin D, cyclophosphamide) over 12 months. During
    August 2003 I underwent Radiation treatement for a total of 25
    treatments spaning 25 days. I received very severe burns from
    Radiation and was on a PCA pump for 2 weeks during the last week of
    radiation; I continued treatment while on the pump.

    During these 11 months the primary tumor ( 5cm/8cm next between the
    cheeks of my bottom ) shrank by 60%. During a CT Scan 3 mets were
    noted on her tail bone after shrinkage occured . A prior CT Scan found
    a met on her right fibula. Additionally it was determined that it had
    met. to my bone marrow.

    From March 2004 through August 2004 tests at 6 wk intervals indicated I
    was in remission. Remission was a rocky boat and those 6 months were
    anything but enjoyable. In August 2004 a nodule shaped like 1/2 an egg
    was growing on my head above my left forehead. A CT Scan indicated no
    presence for tumor. A needle biopsy showed the result was positive for
    Rhabdo. Th mirror image of the egg was detected between the skull and
    the dura ( had not broken the dura ).

    Shortly after the Bone Scan August 2004 I began 13 cycles of
    alternating treatments; Efosfamide/Itoposide 5 days, then
    Vincristine/Doxirubicin/Cyclphosphamide for 3 days. I was told that
    treatment was for Control and not Cure.

    CT Scans in Sep 04,Oct 04 found mets to tail bone gone and fibula gone.
    Bone Marrow Biopsy and Aspirate were also clear of Rhabdo cells.

    I may be eligible for a Study now involving a drug that prevents the
    tumor from gaining access to a blood supply and hope to get 2 more

    Here it is the end of August. I start 1st Grade next Monday. I’m
    starting to get headaches and I have severe mood swings. The tumor is
    on the frontal lobe of my brain, symetric between both lobes. The
    Scans a couple of weeks ago show that the tumor has broken the brain
    blood barrier and it looks like it is in 10-15 % of my brain.

    If you want to read about me, go here ->


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