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Blogs used in attack on FDA: political statement or worse?

Blogs used in attack on FDA: political statement or worse?

A new form on Blog spammer has emerged in the blogosphere over the last 24 to 48 hours. He goes by the name of Peter and he has a mission: bring down the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) web site. Blog Terrorist or Blog Activist? Only time will tell. Peter is driving extra traffic to the FDA website through Blog or Comment Spam on various blogs. Hailing from IP address, the Blog Herald has traced Peter to a host in Spain by the name of Global Internet Comunications S.L. of Av. Coast i Llobera 3-1º
07570 Artà I. Balears (Spain). Peter is running a bot through his host provider to generate the blog spam. We can only hope that Spain, being a friendly nation, will take action to prevent Peter from further abuse.
And a note to users of MT Blacklist: add to your ban list before you are targeted.

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  • There’s a good chance that “Peter” is running a spamming for profit operation and the FDA spams are his way of finding sites that aren’t deleting spam. Many of the spams that advertise other sites are also coming from this same IP address.

    My guess is that Peter is being paid by other companies to send spam.

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