Blogs4god resurrected

OK, its not amazing news but I just wanted to use that title. The Christian Blogs4God list of Christian bloggers, one of the earlier blog lists of blogs established back in 2002, in to rise from the dead (their words, not mine!).

The site is said to offer a variety of user-friendly features such as daily-aggregations, moderated categories, website reviews and ratings, a site-wide search engine and daily blogs on the front page. According to Dean Peters: “there is no need for Christian bloggers to hide their light under a basket as long as blogs4God is around.”

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  • Huh. Just hiding under user registration.
    To give Peters the credit he is due, he pretty much had all those features going back in 2002 when he was the proverbial mega church in the burb.
    I wish him well, the competition didn’t sit around waiting for the resurrection.

  • A minor correction BD – many of the features we’re offering this time around weren’t available back in ’02. For example, we’re more aggregation-driven than list-driven this time – in part because between ’02 and now there’s been a boatload of improvements to syntication technologies.

    Similarly, Civicspace wasn’t in existence – so we found ourselves hard-wiring alot of code and features – now we just add modules, most of which are already available via

    As for mega-churches and competition … bah … feh … I’ve never been a fan of the mega church, and as for the competition it’s healthy and keeps us sharp so long as all involved refrain from lying, cheating and/or stealing … like a certain competitor did back in ’02 with Martin’s original list.

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