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Blogshares gets serious on player participation

Blogshares gets serious on player participation

Fantasy Sharemarket/ Blogging game Blogshares has just appointed its first BlogShares Securities and Exchange Committee (BSEC) in a moved welcomed strongly by the Blog Herald.

According to Blogshares the board should add some friction to the running of the market and enable elected representatives to manage how parts of the completed economy function. Thus far players have been shielded from the hidden (virtual) costs of operating on the market and the imbalances that result when their is no friction in trading. Now it’s up to the elected members to decide how to manage these things with an assortment of controls and powers to shape how BlogShares grows.

Primarily, the role of the BSEC will be to address issues of fairness and ethics in the game, helping to resolve issues that arise. They will also have powers to remedy cases where players have cause to complain against BlogShares or each other. Finally, they will have some role in establishing how the simulation develops both in economic and social terms.

This writer is slowing becoming addicted to Blog Shares and we wish the new board well, the representatives are;
Morgaine LeFaye Web;
Daphne Web; Email
Frenetic Papa;
Christine Web; Email
Jonathan Web Email
Ken Web Email

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The only thing we will say is in relation to Blogshares webhost Odessey Hosting: don’t advertise on a page that is often inaccessible :-)

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