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Blogspot bloggers revolting over flag option

Blogspot bloggers revolting over flag option

Blogspot bloggers are starting to get angry about Google’s new “flag” option that allows blogs to be censored where people may disagree with their content, all under the guise of preventing blog spam.

Otoh has all the details but the fun parts from the post:

Flygirl is “appalled” and Lewis is “not so happy” but goes on to call the Flag button “useless,” “idiotic,” and “nothing but a target for abuse.” Shar refers to it as “censorship” as does Martin (and many others). Grafs says she has “already started shopping for a web-hosting service.”

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Editors note: Lots of blogospheres Scoble? see, even bloggers who’ve probably never heard of me and you share the same concerns on important issues affecting “The Blogosphere” (singular). We are one blogosphere, as we are one mankind. Sure, there’s lots of variations to the theme, and sub-groups there in, but we are still one. désirent ardemment l’un blogosphere de phase.

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  • I’m not a supporter of censorship either. And I have a question. Would you feel safe allowing every student in your local high school to read my blog entitled, “How to Rationalize Domestic Terrorism”?

  • ‘My free blog service and free host is doing stuff I don’t like.’ Somebody call the WAHHHmbulance.

    Two words: WordPress and Dreamhost.

    Or TypePad and Visa.

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