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BlogStar Network paying $10 per post to bloggers

BlogStar Network paying $10 per post to bloggers

An interesting email has come my way in relation to a new campaign from the BlogStar Network that starts with this email:

Are you or your readers into Ali G or the NBA? If so we’d like to invite you to post about a new site they’ll love with hilarious Ali G videos talkin smack with NBA superstars. If you’re interested, let us know and we’ll send you the details. Cool rewards are available as a proper thank you, of course. It’s really simple. But if you don’t want to play, just ignore this and blog away on other cool stuff.

Which is then followed up with this:

We are happy to hear that you are interested. Here’s the deal, plain and simple:

1. Go to
2. Make a posting on your blog about what you think about the site (we definitely appreciate more positive posts). The posting must include a link to the URL
3. Send us the exact URL of your blog post and your paypal email address.
4. We’ll send you $10 to your paypal account.

That’s it. Easy money… go buy a burger or something.

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An easy $10 I suppose, although the morality alarm bells are ringing, so I’ll leave it at this, although as always I’d welcome reader comments. Easy money or blog prostitution? I guess I’ll find out if they send me the $10 :-)

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  • It’s not really blog prostitution, as you put it, anymore than you selling ads on your blog is. While I do receive regular e-mail pitches from these folks, I don’t take their offers, as they don’t fit the context of a real estate blog, but for some review blogs it might work and provide them some cash to help them pay their hosting bills. By the way, I should be reviewing Beastie Boys’ Solid Gold Hits and Jeremy Wright’s new book on Blog Marketing over at Blogcritics in the near future – and I’m doing it for fun, not money.

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