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Boing Boing “Rival” launches

Boing Boing “Rival” launches

I don’t normally give a leg up to sites that pitch themselves this way, but what the heck, its time to start putting smiles on peoples faces after the horror of Katrina, and I’m sure you’ll get a chuckle from this, but as I’ve previously said you’ve got to aim high to get ahead, even if in reality the chances of knocking Boing Boing off its purch is a longer odds than man walking on Mars by the end of the year :-)

From Vincent Flood


I’m the creator of a new site which I hope will take the blogging world by storm.

Noing Noing is “A Directory Of A-Noing Things” and has been established as a more cynical and hopefully funnier alternative to the world’s most popular blog (according to Technorati) Boing Boing.

However, we are different and don’t intend to be a parody of Boing Boing, which we actually like.

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What we will be providing is information which backs up our thesis that the world is full of irritants, whether it’s annoying people, politics, technology or companies.

Contributions from the adoring public will be more than welcome.

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