Now Reading is back in 2007 (fear the bubble) is back in 2007 (fear the bubble)

‘€œIs it a bubble?’€?

I didn’€™t use to think so, really. Sure, we’€™ll see casualties, but last time (the dotcom bubble, you know) one of the major problems was that the consumer money didn’€™t move online. Now it does, increasingly so.

But now this., a Swedish dotcom venture that basically burned loads of money, and eventually crashed hard, will relaunch soon. 2006 according to the website, but it could just as well be 2007 since doing an e-commerce launch this close to Christmas doesn’€™t make sense. The last time around they sold fashionable clothes with a cutting edge interface in Flash, that just didn’€™t load fast nor worked good enough. And it was 1999, come on.

Better luck the second time around, or the beginnings of a new crash? Despite my initial words of this post, I wouldn’€™t be the least surprised if could find a niche and be a player in the industry. Not a big one, but still a player. The name might still be ringing alarm bells to the industry, but the general populace has been fed a book of the project, and probably remembers the name.

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Still, what’€™s next? Get paid to surf, AllAdvantage style? Oh, shit’€¦

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  • Not gonna say alot on this, but the domain was bought by another company and they intend to jump on the Web 2.0 bandwagon and launch in Jan (although I would be surprised if they could get their stuff together in time).
    If you ask me, the combo of the domain and the company behind it mean that it won’t work out – watch the money burn again

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