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Calacanis from plane: Blogging ain’t everything

Calacanis from plane: Blogging ain’t everything

Weblogs Inc’s Jason Calacanis has delivered a new podcast/ video blog/ airplane tour in transit on the way to Copenhagen that I’m calling the must see vblog of the year to date. You can get your 15 minute fix here.

Highlights, aside from the fact that Calacanis is receding more than I am, include quotes on blogging: “blogging isn’t everything….balance is important” where he goes on to suggest that people who only blog and don’t do other things might be a bit strange, references to his private life, in particular repayments on a Mini Cooper and a British Bulldog, and some whacky pics from the plane. Don’t get me wrong, I like Calacanis, and I’d like to meet him in person one day, but what does everyone think the passengers would have made of this recording :-)

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  • I saw the post, Duncan, but not the video. Life’s too short. If that kind of thing was not his job, I’d say he was a complete techno-nut. But, hey, full marks for getting there first … wherever “there” is. :-)

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