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Calacanis indulges in massive cross promotion

Calacanis indulges in massive cross promotion

Jason Calacanis of WeblogsInc has indulged in some massive cross network promotion across the WeblogInc network with posts to all the Weblogsinc sites cross-promoting other blogs within 24 hours.

The posts, all similar to this one at Luxist, cleverly provide links to recent articles in other parts of the network, which holds a dual purpose, both to drive up cross traffic, and also to drive up the search engine placements of all the blogs mentioned.

Just in case you missed some of the best from the real Weblog Empire though :-)
@The Gadget Blog Colbert tracked down some pretty pictures of the models from Computex Taiwan, reviewed the Sound Alabi Key Ring and took a look at some interesting new models from Nokia.

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@PVRSpot my general frustrations at TV cards came to an end this week when I finally got my hands on, and reviewed the Hauppauge WinTV PVR500 MCE.

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  • The real goal is to make people aware of the great content we’re doing. We’re doing just fine on links and page rank, we don’t need any help in that regard. I don’t think this will move the needle at all frankly.

    Gawker does a best of every week, and we’re going to do it every week as well. It’s a great way to showcase the top 2% of the 2,500+ post we do each week.

    Thanks for pointing it out….

  • I know, I just couldn’t resist poking a little fun at you before trying to do a little of the same myself, it makes perfect sense and is the wonderful power of a network as large as Weblogs Inc., although it’s bizarre seeing the same post pop up 100’s of times in the Google News, Yahoo! News, Topix and othe feeds in Bloglines as well

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