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Calacanis spins blogware off into separate company

Calacanis spins blogware off into separate company

Jason Calacanis of Weblogs Inc., has announced the spin off of his custom blogware application “Blog Smith” into a seperate company.

BlogSmith LLC is to be headed by Gordon Gold, President of Rising Tide Studios/Silicon Alley Reporter and the founder of UPOC and will compete directly against Six Apart in targeting corporate blogging accounts.

Their first client to run the blogware is Razor Magazine.

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  • I don’t think we will put much of a dent in Six Apart’s business any time soon… but if anyone is interesed in being part of the beta of Blogsmith they can email me at jason at

    best j

  • Blogware is such an unfortunate word to use – other then the generic category, it’s also the name of a specific product by Tucows, and as such a BlogSmith competitor.
    It does not have a brand comparable to Typepad and WordPress ..etc, largely because I think Tucows scr*wed up their branding: they let resellers use their own brand name. So I am a happy blogware user, but it’s really known as BlogHarbor, the reseller.

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