Can StudentFace Hold Off Facebook Down Under?

Only time will tell, but it seems that Facebook is intent on cementing its position as the “classy” social network, although StudentFace probably hopes to capture that market before Mark Zuckerberg and friends conquer the hearts of Aussie land.

StudentFace seems to be shadowing very Facebook closely, mimicking their American rival very closely. When Facebook allowed anyone to register on its site, StudentFace was quick to follow in a similar suit.

In fact, you may even notice that their sidebars are almost exactly the same, which may make one wonder whether or not StudentFace is shadowing Facebook a little too much (future lawsuit anyone?)

StudentFace has (to their credit) come up with one unique feature that Facebook does not have–yet. Users of StudentFace will not only be able to upload video to the site, but also record themselves via web cam directly from their profile page, or upload video’s from their digital camera or mobile phone.

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Although neither have broken into the top 100 Australian web sites (at least according to Alexa as of this post), with MySpace losing favor amongst some of the youth, (at least in the states) only time will tell whether StudentFace or Facebook become the main social network among Australia’s youth.

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