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Can Challenge MySpace?

Can Challenge MySpace?

A new social networking site called is claiming to have the technology, connections and youth focus to challenge the king of social networking, MySpace.

(Star Tribune) Yfly’s creators say that with superior technology, celebrity cachet and a focus on youth, they can successfully challenge MySpace’s dominance in the online world of friends and fans. […]

Yfly is touting itself as the official online home of athletes, musicians and Hollywood celebrities. The site has made deals with such stars as singers Nick Lachey and Justin Timberlake, NFL quarterback Matt Leinart and MTV personality Kristin Cavallari.

I decided to visit the site to see whether this was an empty boast or not. Upon arriving on their registration page I noticed two things about the site: the beta version is only availble to teenagers (ages 13-19) and if your high school isn’t listed in their system (a required field) you are pretty much left out in the cold as far as signing up goes.

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Russia may have the celebrity connections that MySpace lacks, but they may want to reconsider making it a little easier to register, (hint: drop the high school field) otherwise it may take them a good ten years to catch up to MySpace.

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