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Card Carrying Bloggers

Card Carrying Bloggers

The Sunday Washington Post carried a story about the number of bloggers at E3, the week long video game convention in Los Angeles this year.

E3 is the largest video game convention in the world, with more than 60,000 participants this year. All that is required to obtain media credentials as a blogger at E3 is a business card, proof that your blog is a business, and proof that you’ve been blogging for more than a month.

Not too shabby compared to what bloggers had to show in order to receive credentials to either 2004 political conventions.

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And clearly bloggers are providing interesting coverage – the story cites Joystiq’s 1m page views a day alongside Kotaku’s 2.8m pageviews so far this month.

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  • Interesting. I wonder how I’d get a “business license” for my blog. I don’t even need a license to do have a web dev sole proprietorship in Maryland…

  • Re: the business license – just incorporate in your state so you have a tax ID number, that’s all they want. If you’re a blogger you have to justify your existence, which in our case was showing the original articles we’ve written covered in the larger blogs for credibility. The last thing they want is to see your numbers, so install a stats package. If you’re hitting over 50,000+ page views a month you’re in good shape. I recommend SiteMeter – free and respected. Kinda like us before we pissed off half the industry at E3 :) Tip: Don’t show up in costume at press conferences, those video game convention people take themselves VERY seriously.

    Good luck!


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