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Chartreuse makes an interesting point

Chartreuse makes an interesting point

From Chartreuse, with edits to comply with my commitment to not publicly comment on certain issues and behave myself. I also provide no commentary or statement only to say that it is interesting, but I say the word interesting about 5 million times a day so its really not a view at all but a word I repeat on a regular basis to make a post sound interesting…. you know what I mean:

When Paul Scrivens, CEO of (name of company withheld) wrote One Content Network Please, I thought it was brilliant.

It made sense to me.

You’€™re either for us or against us.

Ride or Die.

And I thought the please was a nice touch.

But then I noticed something.

Om Malik of Federated Media Stays

Bryan Veloso of Yopos Network Stays

Ben Beilkamp of BlogMedia Goes.

Girlspoke Salaam.

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Obviously the point was to dump people associated with Blog Media/Erati whatever.

He should have just stood up and said that.

What people want in leaders (since he asked) is authenticity.

When you give doublespeak as if you are the President of the United States then you end up looking like The President of the United States.

And nobody wants that.

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  • What’s the dealio with Blog Media?

    David Krug asked me to take over Jack of All Blogs today. Maybe I will. Won’t be the first time I’ve “taken over” a blog, but this time it will be by invitation, rather than usurpation.

    “Either for us or with the [insert enemy]” is horse manure.

    That statement makes it seem the universe revolves around your [insert country, company, cult name, personal name, etc.].

  • I wonder why a large part of the blogosphere is currently really busy telling others how to do their stuff instead of minding their own business…

    Speaking of which… I sent you a mail with some blogosphere news. While I realize it might not be ‘headline material’ I utterly fail to understand how the continuing bickering over 9rules internal affairs can be more important than that news. In fact I don’t understand how it can be more important than ANY real blogosphere news.

    Care to explain that to me? either here or in email is fine.

  • Er…do I sense some arrogance in that last comment. “You will pay attention to my journalism, or else buster!!!” is the crybaby underachiever tone I sense with “Marco”.

    I say this, not to start a flame war, but it’s typical of the wannabe bloggers out there who moan about A lists hegemony.

    Top bloggers aren’t trying to “tell others what to do”, they are sharing secrets and tips, proven by their success. No list of tips will compensate for a negative whining attitude.

  • That’s a cheap shot steven and you know it. The stuff I mailed him isn’t the main issue in my comment. Read it again and you’ll see. If you want that is.

  • Here’s a brain-filled insult for you:

    “I wonder why a large part of the blogosphere is currently really busy telling others how to do their stuff instead of minding their own business…”

    With that insult to successful, popular bloggers, you show great intelligence.

  • P.S. although I use blog comment forms as an Alt Email App, to get a blogger’s attention…

    …it is very bad form and poor netiquette to complain about Blog Herald not responding fast enough to your precious “news item”.

    What is your news BTW? Why not just post a teaser in a comment? I bet that might work for you, pal.

  • That’s not an insult, that’s a criticism. Calling someone ‘a crybaby loser’ is an insult. With which you render yourself not really worth responding to anymore. Looks really ‘professional’ too by the way!

    You ‘won the discussion’. Enjoy the victory dude…

    p.s.: Why do I get the ‘posting is closed’ crap when trying to post a comment from my own IP?

  • I’m going to agree with Marco. This constant reporting of every little detail on what is a largely uninteresting blog network restructuring exercise is getting really annoying. How about just doing a single post each day on the topic? A nice little compendium of all the he said / she said for those who care.

    I just don’t think it’s really news. Not even in the blogosphere.

  • Vaspers,
    they aren’t captchas, they are question based challenges which are friendly to people with visual impairments, they work in a similar way to captchas without excluding a lot of your audience.

    To every one else
    Thank you for your comments and I’ll take them on board.

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