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Chinese bloggers not liking the BBC

Chinese bloggers not liking the BBC

Interest story at the BBC in which Chinese bloggers claim they are free to say what ever they like in China, and that the Beeb is guilty of distorting the truth.

(thanks to Edwyn Chan for the tip)

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  • 的确,我们中国人ä¸?喜欢bbs这样è€?是找中国人的茬,我们中国正在慢慢改善政治ç»?济法律等等环境。

    we chinese do not like someone view us in color glass,we are improving our law entirement and polic entirement .

    if you want to know the truth about china,you should not follow the western news’s guide,you should listen to both chinese and western’s voice.

    It will be great that you can visit china which will make you find the truth.

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