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Chitika makes November payments

Chitika makes November payments

After a couple of weeks delay, Chitika have finished auditing November revenue returns and have started to pay bloggers who have opted to be paid by Paypal payments for direct eMinimalls and referrals for November.

However despite earlier promises, Chitika have failed to pay December earnings early and are now stating these paymens will not be made until the end of January.

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  • Nothing really inspires me about Chitika to give them a huge amount of our impressions. For as long as I’ve been on the web delayed payments, auditing issues and empty promises have been the hallmarks of doomed sponsor.

  • Actually, Chitika never promised to make December’s payment early. All they said was:

    “we are trying to complete both November and December audits by January 15th.”

    They said they would complete the December audit by January 15, but they never said they would make December’s payment early.

    Personally the ads are still doing well on some of my sites and I really enjoyed the expected November 10% bonus and the unexpected December 10% bonus.

  • Chitika does very well for our blogs. Our Novembe and December numbers look good and I’m excited to see how Chitika grows over the next 6-12 months.

  • I have Chitika on a few of my sites. I did receive my November payment on the 17th, but today is the 2nd of February and no December payment. I think I might go into direct competition with Chitika and pay on time. They have something big but are tarnishing their repuation quickly. Welcome the the internet.

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