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Chitika reporting delays with November Audits

Chitika reporting delays with November Audits

eMiniMalls firm Chitika is reporting delays with their audited of their November payouts, with the process unlikely to be complete until Jan 15.

Writes Chitika:
“we are currently running into unexpected delays in our monthly audits for November. We are aggressively working on completing the audit process as soon as possible. We apologize for the delay and we are hoping that we will be able to complete and finalize the November audits over the next two weeks.”

There is some good news, they also report that December payouts should also be ready on Jan 15 as well, which I’m gathering is possible given that they have been pre-auditing figures for the entire month. With any luck they might even move permanently to a Net 15 day payout process, which would be nice :-)

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  • I have taken Chitika off all my sites until the audit comes through. After that I will decide if I will put them back on.

  • They just suspend my account with given reason, “suspected invalid clicks” which i have no idea what’s happening. I have been placing their ads on my blogs for few months now and out in the sudden, they gave me a shock while i’m celebrating my Christmas. I emailed them and they have yet to reply me. IT’s kinda disappointing.

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