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CNET VP to head sales at FM Publishing

CNET VP to head sales at FM Publishing

Former VP of Sales and Marketing for CNET’s B2B sites, Chas Edwards, is set to join John Batelle’s new blog advertising network, FM Publishing, as Vice President: sales and market development.

He writes on his new job:

“Two big challenges remain, though. First, most of these bloggers haven’t figured out how to quit their day-jobs and pay rent at the same time. Second, marketers who are willing to kick in rent money for the opportunity to participate in this high-energy connection between blog publishers and their audiences don’t have a scalable mechanism for doing so.”

Unfortunately Edwards also states there are only 10 million bloggers in the world. Not even close Chas, hope John can count better.

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  • Technorati’s searching 13 millon now, eh? Three million off–sheesh, point taken! How many would you estimate get more than 3 visitors a month?

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