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Cognitive Labs Uses Blog Medium to Attract, Inform and Entertain Hundreds of Thousands of People Worldwide

Cognitive Labs Uses Blog Medium to Attract, Inform and Entertain Hundreds of Thousands of People Worldwide

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Press release> Cognitive Labs, a software company developing Internet technologies for screening and monitoring cognitive performance, announced today the milestone of its 100th blog post at MemCheck – Memory News, a site featuring news and information about Alzheimer’s Disease, Memory Loss, and Human Cognition. In that span of time the company’s consumer web site, has accelerated from just a few visitors to hundreds of thousands.

“We’ve become one of the top sites on the Internet concerned with the toll that Memory Loss and Alzheimer’s Disease are taking on our society. We have developed MemCheck, a powerful tool that can help people detect, monitor, and make positive changes in memory over time, based on sound science,” explains Michael Addicott, who runs the site and oversees the company, which is adding between 150 and 200 new members per day.

Dr. Addicott reports that right after July 4th he began to hear from people who regularly read the blog which covered, for example, the story of actor James Doohan, “Scotty” of Star Trek fame’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease days before some U.S. media outlets picked it up.

“Mr. Doohan’s condition was reported first in the U.K. and the major media stories came out days later. The fact is, people want to know what’s really happening when and where it happens, from a people-centric angle, what does it all mean to them,” said Addicott. Since then publishers and the media have been all over the company to learn its its blogging story, which started out as an experiment and then just grew and grew. “I submitted a post from Montana, I submitted another one from Starbucks here in Silicon Valley, it doesn’t matter where you are.

“Eventually, I think the ‘connected’ phenomenon will change how healthcare and services are delivered. We are helping people, providing a platform for objective measurement of memory, while also at the cusp of an incredibly effective way to create a responsive dialog.”

While no one has called him – yet – with a film offer such as happened to the famed ‘Baghdad blogger’, Addicott says he has been approached with a book deal but for now will make no commitments while the company’s services are in rapid growth mode – referring those requests to the Company’s scientific advisors.

Visitors to, the company’s site can purchase an annual subscription to MemCheck and access all services for $69.95. For $9.95 per month, subscribers get MemCheck and MemWatch, helping them perform periodic check-ups of their memory while comparing their results to a baseline of scores from an ever-increasing number of users, exceeding 60,000, while since inception the company has attracted more than 1 million members. Affiliates can sign up to earn while driving traffic to a much-needed service.

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About Cognitive Labs

Cognitive Labs (CL), a privately held company, develops, licenses, and markets software-based services for screening, monitoring, and enhancing memory and human cognition. The company offers subscriptions and software licenses, and tools for efficacy monitoring for individuals, media, government, healthcare and biotechnology. The company has been awarded U.S. patents on its technology and method, administered nearly a million tests since its inception, and been subject to numerous validity studies on its technology at world-class universities.

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