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Columnist Eric Zorn Posts Chicago Tribune’s First Web Log

Columnist Eric Zorn Posts Chicago Tribune’s First Web Log

Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn has launched the newspaper’s first Web log, part of a new approach to immediacy in journalism that takes advantage of internet Web logs. The site, in Zorn’s own words, is “a frequently updated journal containing observations, reports, tips, referrals, tirades and whatever else happens to be in my notebook. My goal is to make Breaking Views useful, provocative and amusing, sometimes all at once.”

Combining the powers of print, broadcast and the Internet, Web logs now number in the millions, with journalism blogs just now gaining interest. As the first columnist at the Tribune to invite e-mail in 1993 and the first with his own Website in 1997, Zorn has now undertaken this new challenge hoping that “readers will bookmark the site and peek in regularly enough to persuade the decision-makers in the fancy offices that I’m not out of my mind in leading the Tribune into this emerging hybrid media form.”

Check out Zorn’s Tuesday, August 19 column explaining his new Web log and visit the site at .

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    Regrettably, I fear that the first GWB administration will be seen by history as showing considerable restraint when compared to the next 4 years. GW said today he intends to spend the political capital he has earned, and he no longer has to worry about to re-election concerns.

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