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Coming to a Blogger blog near you: Bloggerbowling

Coming to a Blogger blog near you: Bloggerbowling

The SEO Black Hat Blog has coined a new phrase that describes what is about to hit Blogger blogs due to the new flag feature that allows readers to censor blogs they might not agree with: Bloggerbowling.

Whilst the SEO Black Hat Blog suggests that Bloggerbowling will be “the practice of having robots flag multiple random blogs as splogs regardless of content to degrade the accuracy of the policing service” I’m going to take it another step further, because Bloggerbowling won’t be restricted to just random blogs and it won’t be restricted to reporting spam blogs because the service allows for the censorship of blogs based on “questionable content”.

There are going to be targeted attacks using the Flag option on Blogger blogs based on a number of grounds: political differences will see right wing blogs attack left wing blogs and vice versa: the far right will target the far left and vice versa, Palestinian supporters will target pro-Israel blogs and vice versa, people running money making blogs will be targeted by their competitors…you get the picture, and all because Google is too lazy to police the content hosted on their own servers themselves.

If you’ve got anything interesting to say outside of you dog went to the vet and the car got serviced yesterday, and your currently blogging using Blogger my advice: change to another provider now.

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  • I wonder if they’re letting it get so bad that one day they can just trash the whole thing? Or even offer an alternative paid service for the legit blogs. Biz Stone did say a while back that they were working on a Business Blogger. But, like Web Accelerator, Google Wallet, Google browser, and other flying pies, it seems to have gone the way of Scotch mist.

  • The loss of many Blogger blogs would be no bad thing. Many are spontaneously conceived and as a result carry the poorest of content.

    I’ve always said that people should sit down and consider why they want a blog, what they want to talk about and if they have the committment and the skill to continue posting to it.

    It would be no bad thing if Google offered a subscription lifeline to those who wanted to continue their blogs. The serious bloggers could pay and continue their writing, while the less serious could head over to MSN Spaces (where nobody ever goes).

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