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Comment spammers target Movable Type

Comment spammers target Movable Type

Duncan Riley> Ever had a sneaking suspicion that Movable Type blogs attracted more blog spam than blogs using other blogware or hosted blogging solutions? Well some evidence today has come to light that one particular comment/ blog spamming tool is targeting Movable Type blogs.

Aaron Wall at SEO has highlighted in a post a number of outfits currently providing comment spam script, although only one link worked. On follow through the one working link goes to the “Web Wap Studio Autosubmit Center” (, I’m not providing a direct link that might help their page rank). For $300 US Dollars you “get high quality submit software for send [sic] Your ad to millions of blogs, guestbooks, wwwboards, forums, classifieds and any other forms…The script includes a HTTP Proxy checker and URL extractor modules.”

Further investigation reveals that the “millions” of blogs are exclusively those using Movable Type. Also offered are lists of 1000 “successfully worked” (by this I presumed spammed) blogs for $10 USD.

I tried searching for competing scripts on Google to see if I could find any other tools that were targeting blogs, and the most I could find was a tool, no longer available that targeted SixApart LiveJournal. What I did find however is that not only is Web Wap Studio Autosubmit Center popular amongst comment spammers, but they are actually advertising the product using Googles Adsense contextual advertising program. That’s right, cant find a comment spamming script? don’t worry, use the right words and Google will provide nothing less than a featured, premium ad for the service at the top of your search results.

So, who is Web Wap Studio? We’ll if your alway suspected that alot of organised crime originated behind what was once the iron curtin, you’d be right, and so it seems do comment spam script sellers. is registered to a Palmen Marinov of Sofia, Bulgaria, so there is probably not an awfully large chance of restricting his activities you’d think? well think again. Marinov likes Western services. The domain is registered through and hosted by UK hosting firm Not impressed by comment spam? 34sp can be contacted at [email protected] or in the UK on 0161 238 4964. Please feel free to share your thoughts with 34sp about the people they host.

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