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Content Creation Platforms That Pay in Crypto

Content Creation Platforms That Pay in Crypto

Cryptocurrencies are definitely an emerging currency despite being famous as being volatile. More and more people have started investing, trading, mining, and developing programs that cater to the blockchain and crypto industry. In fact, even established companies and organizations are even starting to venture into cryptocurrency. The hacktivist group, Anonymous, is one such example when they released Meanwhile, other companies have started offering cryptocurrencies as payments, including to content creators.

Here are some content creation platforms that pay its users in cryptocurrency.


If you’re talking about platforms that pay in crypto, SteemIt is first on the list. This is because it is the pioneer for other crypto-based content platforms. Users earn through three things: steem, steem power, and steem dollars. Users are able to earn steem dollars (which can be converted) by posting original content. Other ways to earn crypto is by interacting with these posts by commenting and upvoting. If you have a bigger steem power, the bigger earnings a post will have – and you’ll also get a part in that earning.


Just like SteemIt, is another content creation platform that pays its users in crypto. If you are familiar with Reddit, will be easy to navigate. As soon as you register on their website, a bitcoin cash wallet is created on your browser – and your private keys are only accessible through your browser. For writers, is the perfect platform. Write an article about anything, add some images or even a video, and you earn by readers sending money to your bitcoin wallet through upvotes. Readers don’t earn; rather, 90% of the money goes to the author and 10% goes to as support and development of the platform.


Another platform that gives cryptocurrency as a reward is Publish0x. Unlike the ones mentioned above, Publish0x is a crypto-agnostic blogging platform. This means that it supports a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Other currencies Publish0x has are Hydro, StableCoin, and DAI. This is also another platform where both the writer and the reader can earn money. To become a writer for Publish0x, you would have to fill out their author application form. Applications are reviewed as they are still in the beta stage. However, readers can earn by reading their content. The money comes in the form of tips. Authors receive money in tips given by other users. Readers can decide how much tip they want to give to the author, and how much they want for themselves through a slide tipper tool. The best part of this is that tips are free as they come from Publish0x’s rewards pool!


Just like the other ones here, Honest is another crypto-based content creation platform. If was like Reddit, Honest is more like Medium. It describes itself as a cryptocurrency community that is “designed for writers, creatives and thinkers writing about cryptocurrencies, economy, technologies and art”. Transactions in Honest are done through Bitcoin cash, which means that tips from readers to writers come in bitcoin. The earnings are determined by the upvotes a content gets.

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Other than writing and reading content, there are also other ways to earn crypto. DLive is one example – the first and largest video streaming platform on blockchain. It was previously built on Steem, transferred to Lino network, and just recently transferred to TRON this year. Lemon is what they call their virtual point system, and BTT is the cryptocurrency for DLive. The famous YouTuber, PewDiePie exclusively livestreams on this platform. Streamers on this platform earn based on how many people engage on their video streams. Videos are upvoted, as more upvotes your video has, the more it will surface on DLive’s page – which means more engagement.

Moreover, viewers of DLive are actually rewarded as they watch, chat, share content, and even gift content creators.

Other Ways

Other than these content creation platforms, there are also different ways to earn cryptocurrency. One way is by taking on freelance jobs that let you write and blog on a regular basis – and they pay you through cryptocurrencies. There are job sites that especially cater to this kind of payment. Some examples are Cryptocurrencyjobs, Ethlance, and Freelance For Coins. There are tons of creative jobs in these sites, including writing, editing, and even translations.

If you have your own blog and you would rather earn cryptocurrency through that instead of signing up for these platforms, then there are also ways. You can do affiliate marketing with crypto sites just by signing up with their affiliate marketing programs. You can also do sponsored posts on your blog, or even put up paid ads through crypto advertising networks. If you have a big and established following, you can also consider selling digital products and even host crypto events. You also have the option to charge your readers – and ask to be paid in cryptocurrency. This can be a subscription fee or access to paid content. However, only do this if you are sure that what you’re offering has value and that your readers will be willing to spend money for it.

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